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The Hurricane Rages


It's the end of September, hurricane season. Thanks to Hurricane Ian, here in Maryland we are preparing for a weekend of wind and rain . But we count our blessings because wind and rain is all we should be getting. And we say prayers for all those who have been impacted, many in far more devastating ways than we can imagine.

Nevertheless, hurricane Ian has prompted this art project which encourages children to get in touch with their inner hurricane. We all have one. A hurricane force within us. Sometimes this hurricane rage takes over, leaving a path of destruction. But at the core, just as the eye of the hurricane offers calmness, we to, have the ability to find calm. To choose calm.

Through the process of art, this project allows children to identify which situations and feelings make their hurricane rage. This is expressed on paper in the form of words and sentences. Once your child identifies what makes their hurricane rage, take some time to talk about it. It's a great opportunity to learn about your child. You may possibly learn that the same things that make your child's hurricane rage also makes your inner hurricane rage!

Once they have completed the first step, allow them to have fun painting over their words. We used light blues and white. This allowed the words/sentences to come through just a bit. When the first layer dries, they can begin creating their hurricane with darker blues, black, white. They will make circular brush strokes, adding texture, and anything else they want to make their hurricane unique! Remember that the hurricane has an eye, which stays calm, so leave a circular area to represent the eye of the hurricane.

Allow your painting to dry. My daughter had a fantastic time creating her hurricane.

Once the paper is dry it's time for another great opportunity for open dialogue. Talk about the eye of the hurricane. This part of the hurricane stays calm. Ask your children what/who brings them feelings of calm? What ways do we or can we calm down when our hurricane rages? What does it feel like in the body and mind to feel calm?

Finish off the paiting by letting them write the word "CALM" or the phrase "I CHOOSE CALM" in the eye of the hurricane. They could also write words or sentences that represent calm to them.

And there you have it! An artistic expression and a lesson in emotional and mental awareness. The acknowledgement that we all have a little hurricane rage inside of us, but when we become aware of what triggers our hurricane we can choose calm by taking the appropriate steps that work for them!

For all the homeschool parents out there or teachers, this is a great art project to pair with science class and your unit on Hurricanes!

I hope that you enjoy this art project and please feel free to share your experiences and pictures with us!




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