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Life in Joy Instructor Trainings

ALL the deets!

You have seen my Life in Joy trainings popping up, and your wondering what they are exactly? Then you are in the right place!

If you don't know me, my name is Berkleigh, and I've spent the last 6 years teaching Yoga and Mindfulness to children all over my community. It has, and continues to be the most rewarding job I've ever had.

My "why" for becoming a children's Yoga teacher was influenced by experiences with my own children, but you will learn all about that at one of my trainings! While my children were the initial motivation, my vision and intention for teaching and the future continues to expand.

I have witnessed the positive effects that movement and mindfulness can have on children and my biggest hope is that every child has the opportunity to learn and practice Yoga or mindful movement, every child. That is a lot of children! Which means there needs to be wayyyy more instructors out there shinning their light bright.

I want to see children's Yoga/Movement and Mindfulness classes become the norm, just like gymnastic and karate classes. I want children to learn and explore mind/body connections, learn to breathe properly, rest their growing bodies and minds, learn and practice kindness and empathy, create strength and flexbility. I want to know that children have the opportunity to learn healthy lifestyle habits that will assist them in living a happy and balanced childhood that they can bring into their adulthood.

And this vision, this want that I have is what fueled the creation of my business, Life in Joy. I have taken my years of experience as a children's Yoga instructor as well as education from additional trainings to create my own Life in Joy Instructor Training.

Life in Joy Trainings are for parents/caregivers, teachers, daycare providers, nannies, coaches, and anyone else who works with children.

Trainings are offered in a weekend format consisting of 20 hour, in-person instruction. (online offerings in the future, I hope!), training manual full of games, activies, class outlines, and more! Take home calm kit, and invitation to a private Life in Joy instructor page for continued support, inspiration, and motivation. This training is also recognized through Yoga Alliance as continuing education for registered Yoga Alliance registered instructors.

During the course of the weekend trainees will learn terminology, participate in several children's classes, create self Mindfulness practices, explore ethics and real life scenarios, participate in Breathwork 101 (guest instructor and breathworker, Jenny Lind), practice breathing exercises, practice and create relaxation techniques, practice chair movement (for classes to be taught anywhere to anyone), create your own classes, practice teaching, explore the business side of things, and more!

Life in Joy instructors are helping to support children in living a happy, healthy life. Through songs, games, stories and more, children are moving, stretching, balancing, breathing, and resting. Each Life in Joy class is designed to offer students ample opportunity for movement and rest.