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Become a Children's Yoga Instructor

inspire youth

Instructors are helping youth find mind/body balance, giving them the tools to work through life's ups and downs. Kid's Yoga classes are engaging and fun! Children learn to cultivate a healthy lifestyle by praticing mindful movement, breathing, and relaxation techniques.



To share knowledge and education with other individuals who seek to have a positive and healthy influence on our youth.  Children's Yoga Teacher Trainings prepare the individual to lead children through mindful movement, proper breathing exercises, social-emotional exercises, and relaxation. Trainees feel inspired, supported, and excited to teach & lead.


To make children's Yoga & Mindfulness the norm.  To make classes available to all children through collaboration with individuals, schools, and businesses.  Providing our youth with the tools to navigate through life's up's and downs.


"The Kids Yoga training was totally awesome. Berkleigh is an exceptional teacher who kept the training fun and informative. I walked out of her class inspired and so excited to add Yoga and Mindfulness to my program. Berkleigh supplied all that we needed to start offering classes. I would definitely recommend her training and I was so blessed to be a part of it.  I am so thankful that she is offering this because our children need it now more then ever."


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