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Classes, Events, Workshops, and Coaching

Yoga & Mindfulness

for the young and young at heart

Please contact me to talk about private and small group sessions, or the opporutinity to bring classes/trainings to your workplace!

Youth Classes

  • educational and fun

  • offer time for both movement & stillness

  • introduce children to a healthy lifestyle

Adult Classes

  • inspire & motivate

  • offer a safe, non-judgmental space for self inquiry and learning

  • support a healthy lifestyle

Children's Yoga Teacher Training

  • are for parents, teachers, daycares, coaches, or anyone else who works with children

  • provide education, resources, and materials to learn and teach Yoga and Mindfulness practices to children

Weekly Class Schedule

Yoga on the Beach

Yoga on the Beach, every Monday morning starting May 29th

7-8 AM- Adult Yoga, $20/Person

8:15-9 AM- Kids Yoga, $15/Person

Location: The Golden Sands Private Beach, 10900 Coastal Highway, OCMD (If raining, Yoga will be held in the oceanfront atrium located on the 22nd floor)

40% of all profits are donated to local non-profits.  Each class, you will be asked to provide a non-profit nomination.  At the end of each class we will draw the winner of that week's donation.  Each Yoga participant will receive a 50% off coupon that can be redeemed in the deli for breakfast after Yoga class! (Acai bowls, smoothies, breakfast sandwiches, and more)

All levels welcome! Please bring your own mat or beach towel. We do ask that you pre-register for class.  Find registration link below.

Yoga Unwine

Yoga at Windmill Creek every Wednesday evening @ 5:30 PM

$10/Peron, please bring a Yoga mat or beach towel.

*Wine purchased separately

No registration required.  Cash or Venmo accepted.

Classes are weather dependent. Take a look at social media for updates if the weather is questionable.

No upcoming events at the moment
Studying at Home

Life Coaching

Learn to love the Journey

Life coaching can be a great option for individuals who are...

-feeling stuck, unmotivated, or uninspired

-are lacking the confidence or knowledge to make healthy lifestyle changes

-feeling overwhelmed and/or stressed


As a Life Coach, I offer love, support, and a listening ear.

Coaching sessions provide the space and time to turn inward and reflect.  Through journaling, movement, breathing exercises, and much needed rest, individuals come to their own "AH-HA" moments.

My belief:

Many times we create our own suffering by not acting and/or not communicating our needs.  Sometimes this can be for fear of disappointing others, fear of failure, or simply not knowing what the next step should be.  Sometimes, it can be extremely helpful to have a third party who is not attached to listen.  In the act of thinking, writing, and talking, clients arrive at the answers that make sense to them in their own unique situation.


Together, we put a plan in place that allows them to move forward towards their goals while learning to love the journey.

Specialty Areas:

stress management, relaxation, and positive thinking. 

Session Details:

-30 Minute Meet & Greet, Phone or In-Person

-45-60 Minutes Sessions

-In-Person or Virtual 

-Weekly, Bi-Weekly, or Monthly

-Journaling, Gentle Movement, Breathing Exercises, Rest, and Guided Meditations are typically used 

For more information or to book your first coaching session please email me at

Lifestyle Coaching

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