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Hi! I’m Berkleigh,

A yogi mom & business owner who enjoys helping others

I spend my days being a mom, wife, and business owner.  It's not always easy, days are busy. They can be challenging and stressful, but I welcome each day with a smile on my face (well, most days, I am human).  

It wasn't always like this though. I remember many years of feelings stressed, overwhelmed, and anxious.  I was stretched too thin, doing ALL the things, I disliked my job, and I just felt BLAH!

There have been several events in my life which challenged me. Times of poor mental health,  learning that children have anxiety, and a home invasions which was a super traumatic event. Life left me with a few options. I could crumble and let the weight of the world smother me, or flush the feelings and ignore the hurt, or better yet, I could work through the feelings and come out a badass. I chose badass. I chose, and continue to choose to acknowledge & work through feelings and events to become the happiest, healthiest version of myself.

And now I am on a mission to help others do the same.


So how do I do it?

First I found Yoga.  Slowly I began incorporating an asana practice which led me on a health and wellness journey and yogi lifestyle. I added in breathing exercises, nature therapy, self-study/inquiry, and meditation.  I share this lifestyle with others in the form of my business, Life in Joy.

Through many years of education and trainings I have created my own classes, workshops, and trainings inspired by Yoga, Mindfulness, Nature, and Joy! My services are available for children-adult and can be taught both privately or in group settings. 

Please check out my services page. I look forward to working with you!


Certified Children's Kidding Around Yoga Instructor

Owner of Life in Joy & Lead Trainer

200 ERYT

300HR Trainee

Certified Earth Based Educator

Happiness Coach

Restorative Yoga for Tweens/Teens

Aerial Yoga Instructor

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