Winter turns to Spring, a time for self-study

I choose a life in joy

It's happening. The days are beginning to grow longer. The tulips and lilies have pushed through the Earth. They are about to show us their beauty. The sun is teasing us with sporadic days of warmth. We begin to say goodbye to winter and welcome spring.

This transition, like any, is a great time for self-study. As we head into the next season, we don't have to take EVERYTHING with us. Over the next few days, maybe weeks, consider spending some time traveling inward before you spring forward. This transition time is an opportunity to leave behind old habits and beliefs. To let go of anything that does not or no longer brings you joy and peace.

Spring, a season for rebirth, to bloom and grow. Do yourself a favor and be sure that you are watering seeds of life that are true to you, your authentic self. It is time to live a life that will bring you true joy and contentment.

So how do we do that? It is important to check in with yourself, to travel inward, to ask the hard questions, to really sit with yourself and reflect.

Below are a series of questions to consider. As you spend time in self-study and observance, it is important to remember honesty and non-judgement. Whatever answers you arrive at do not label them good or bad, rather use these answers to grow your awareness.

Self-Study Questions:

  1. What circumstances and/or things (desires) do you believe will make you happy? (make a list)

2. Why do you believe that those circumstances will make you happy?

3. Are any of the above circumstances or desires influenced by outside sources (society, friends, or upbringing)? If so, which ones.

4. Are your authentic desires different from the ones you have written above?

Understanding and acknowledging your desires and/or the circumstances that bring you joy is step one in attaining that joy. Answering the above questions may shed light on areas in your life that may need attention, adjustments, or removal. Staying true to yourself is key in living a truly happy life.

Happy journaling!

If you find that you injoy self-study and/or would like support and motivation to increase overall joy in your life, feel free to reach out about one on one coaching sessions.

Peace, Love, and Lots of Happiness,


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