The Power of Words

Mantras; Positively Powerful. Choosing our words to enhance happiness, health, and a life in joy

Words have power. As adults we know this, but, if we are honest with ourselves, it is likely something we struggle with from time to time. As children, we are still learning the power of words. Support and teach your children to choose their words wisely so that they can experience the power of positive and become their own superhero.

Use one or all of the tips/tricks below with yourself and your children.

Tip #1 - Mantras

Mantra; a group of words or phrase repeated.

Do a personal check in each day, notice how you are feeling. Check in with your children. How are they feeling? (Welcome all feelings. There is no right or wrong feeling)

Create a mantra that will support yourself and them in feeling happy and healthy. Some days we may need a little more strength, while other days we may need to give ourselves permission to rest. Create a mantra that honors and supports your needs in that moment. Mantras can change day to day or even throughout the day.

I have attached my mantra worksheet below! Have some healthy, family fun. Together, you can each create "go to" mantras for a variety of needs. In joy!

Download PDF • 72KB

Tip #2 - The Story in My Mind

Do you or your children frequently feel worried, anxious, or fearful? If so, you are not alone! Unfortunately, we are very familiar with scary stories in our mind, but here is what works for us. When you notice worries and anxieties creep into your mind or child's, check in, verbalize or have your child verbalize what story the mind is telling. Analyze is a bit. Is it realistic? Is there truly a reason to believe the story? If not, it's time to change the story. Re-write the story into a positive one. Allow them to repeat the new story several times until they feel a little more at ease. Acknowledge with your children that we all have silly or scary stories sometimes, but we have the power to change the story, re-write it, and repeat it.

Tip #3 - "I AM"

"I am" statements are a favorite of mine. This is a great exercise for increasing self-love and self-confidence. Make a list of "I am" statements. I am loved, I am smart, I am creative, etc.

Another fun way to do this exercise would be by using a mirror and dry erase markers. Choose a mirror they/you look into daily. It's a nice little boost of confidence as you get ready for the day!

Words can both positively and negatively affect our mindset. Do it for you. Do it for them.

Practice. Smile. Live Life in Joy.

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Peace, Love, and lots of happiness to you and your families,


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