Little Bunny Breathe

Do you have some little bunnies (kids) who need to learn to take a break and just breathe?

Spring fever is here, and it does not discriminate against children. You might be feeling it too.

Mood and energy levels are impacted. You may notice changes in behavior. It might be particularly evident for school aged children. I know we are experiencing it in our household. Some children may be so full of pent-up energy they are climbing the walls, while others are mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausted, still others appear to be doing just fine until their anxiety spikes so high they have an uncontrollable outburst.

Bottom line is spring fever may be affecting your children, and you as well. It may be showing up in a number of ways, but it's ok. It's just a nice little indication that we are a little out of balance.

Time to take a break and breathe.

Lucky for us, breathing exercises are easy to do and offer an array of health benefits; physically and mentally. Breathing exercises can help children relax the body, refocus the mind, reduce stress and anxiety, lower heart rates, and increase the body's oxygen levels.

Consider incorporating breathing exercises into your daily routine. They can be a great way to start, end, or even work in throughout your day. Participating in these breathing exercises with your children would also be a great idea!

Bunny Breaths- Imagine what it would look like for a bunny to smell a flower. This is the way you should practice this breath. Scrunch up your nose like a little bunny. Take three quick inhales followed by a long-exalted exhale (maybe your exhale is even accompanied by the sound of a nice relaxing "aaaaahhhh") Repeat this breath for 3-5 rounds. It may be fun to grab a flower or some fake flowers and really imagine being that little bunny smelling the flowers. Kids LOVE to use their imaginations; this is a great opportunity.

Dandelion Wish- Go on a walk together in search of dandelions. This breathing exercise gets you moving your body and connected with nature! Collect as many as you would like and practice deep inhales while exhaling deeply to blow away the dandelion petals. Notice what happens when you take a big deep breath versus when your breath is smaller and light. Don't forget to make a wish!

Rainbow Breath- There are several ways you can practice this breath. I am going to provide the easy way which requires no materials. Sit cross legged and allow hands to rest on your knees. As you inhale, circle swoop the arms overhead as you imagine breathing in the color red. Exhale your hands to your heart as you imagine placing the color red in your heart. Next, inhale, circle swoop the arms overhead as you imagine breathing in the color orange. Exhale your hands to your heart as you imagine placing the color orange in your heart. Continue this pattern as you work through all the colors of the rainbow, placing each color inside your heart.

Rainbow breath can also be a great introduction into a deeper conversation about feelings and the fact that no feeling is right or wrong and that we all feel our feelings.

Enjoy these fun breathing exercises with your family! And hang in their moms and dads, you are not alone! In the midst of all the to-dos don't forget to take a little break to breathe.

Peace. Love. and lots of Happiness,


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